Printer x-Axis initialisation not working, Rattling noise

Hi there,

I just recieved the Cetus 3D Mark II. First 5 prints worked like a charm. 

But now, when intialising the printer, the X-Axis motor won't stop turning at the very end, making a rattling noise, till i power off the machine.

As i read the endstops are calucated by power consumption of the motors, there are no physical switches installed, am i right?

So how to resolve the issue? Maybe the X-Belt is not tighten enough anymore?

Besides that, the printer printed the best samples i ever did ever and installation is prett easy.

Very good machine.

Any help is appreciated.

Try the procedure described in the ! section of section 5 in the Quick Start Guide.

It worked for me. 

I dont see a (! section or even a section 5 in the quick start guide