Printer won't stop beeping after selecting 'initialize printer' option

froobdaddy 2017-5-24 01:31 edit

i've been printing things for the better part of 3 weeks, initializing before each print, with no ill effects.  This morning i printed a project without incident, then shortly after that completed, queued up some plastic hinges for this afternoon, hit 'initialize printer' and instead of a short beep followed by the printer moving to the limit switches on each axis, it just emitted a long, loud beep that wouldn't stop until i powered off the printer.  

i've powered down, waited (fearing something might have overheated) and tried initializing again, but got the same, neverending beep result.  i've checked the travel along the axes (all movements are smooth), looked for loose connections, but there's nothing obviously wrong.  i suppose i could dismantle it piece-by-piece, but i'm not sure what i should be looking for.

i can't initialize the printer and i can't print.  Any ideas as to what i've broken and how i might fix it?

I'd definitely contact -- do you have one of the newer models with grounding cable on the extruder? 

ok, thanks for the tip.  i'm going to reach out to them via email then.  And 'yes', my printer came with the grounding cable which is currently affixed to one of the bottom screws in the print head servo frame where it is attached to the print head housing.

i'm thinking that one of the servos has given up the ghost.  Hopefully there's something unique about the beep sequence (although one long, annoying beep doesn't seem all that helpful) that will identify which motor has gone bad.

Depending on your time zone, chatting with support (logged, with email tracking) gave me the most responsive experience.