Printer not Recognized

I have been away from my printer for a number of weeks due to the Xmas holidays, and got a nasty surprise when I returned... The Cetus software does not even recognize the existance of the printer, even via USB.

The PC recognises the USB connection as it beeps when the printer gets plugged in, but no comms.

I powered up the Cetus with the cover off to look at the LEDs on the Daughterboard.  I'm getting solid red LED for power and blinking red LED for SYS, but nothing for LINK, TX1 or RX1.  On the motherboard, I have a green LED at Dp1.

The motherboard is a replacement, and had run for a solid month or so before the shutdown.  Since then it has been powered off and disconnected fomthe USB.

I know there is another thread on USB failure, but I see no signs of trauma on any of the resistors.

Any ideas?  I'm getting weary of paying Tiertime for replacement motherboards.

I had the exact same problem with both of my on WiFi the other USB connected.  So, I tried to log into this forum and couldn't do that either!  Today, it started working again.  I'm guessing their system was having issues and the application talks to their servers to validate things!

<p>I have the same problem on 2 printers!!!</p>

Many times, these issues happening with many peoples during the printing time. the printer had connected with the devices but printer not recognized the device and so that printer not printing the file, and printer are very panic with that. I used to restart my device to fix this issue.