Printer not extruding after 1st print

I’m new to 3D printing and am trying to troubleshoot the UPBOX printer at our firm. I’ve managed to set it up and printed a couple of basic models out of which one turned out well. I’ve got 2 problems, problem #1 being the main one.

  1. The extruder doesn’t extrude after one or a couple of prints. When I clean the gear (which barely has 1 or 2 particles caught in it) and extrude, it does so perfectly and I can then go ahead and print a model but when I try doing it again after the model is printed, it doesn’t extrude and then I have to go about cleaning the gear again (which is still clean). I’ve tried turning off and turning on the machine before the 2nd extrude/print to see whether that changes anything but it doesn’t. The only thing that fixes it is when I remove the print head and clean the gear. (Haven’t tried just removing the print head and placing it back in). This is causing a lot of annoyance because I cannot expect the user to open the print head to clean the gear every time.

  2. The second issue I have is related to printing. I have tried adjusting the nozzle head but I can’t seem to find the right height. Auto-detection doesn’t work very well hence I manually adjust it. The first layer seems to scrape off and the second layer stays on. However, if it is a delicate layer or has lots of twists and turns, the plastic gets caught in the head and I lose some detail. How can I best adjust the height of the nozzle?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Dragonrider,

Which material are you printing?
The extrusion could be due to:

  1. nozzle height value too big, nozzle too close to platform
  2. material printing temperature too high
  3. filament diameter incosistent
    for 2 and 3 if you are using UP fila ABS included, should not be happening.

for the second problem. you can manually adjust the nozzle height value to get more accurate result.You can move the nozzle to the highest point on the platform (0 value on the 9-point interface) and move down the extruder, and then use a paper as feeler guage. put the paper between nozzle and platform, lower the extruder until when you move the paper, you can feel the resistance but still able to move around.