"Printer not connected" error since Win 10 Update

I had no issues printing with my up mini until yesterday where it shows that its not connected although it is recognized by windows as you can see on the pictures:

these are the updates:

The Up Studio shows the following error when I select USB to connect:

Error: Failed to Connect USB Printer (CTRL).

I have tried everything:

  1. uninstall the windows updates
  2. uninstalling the Up Studio Software and Drivers and reinstalling them

nothing seems to work.

Can you initialize the machine by the front button?

Yes that’s possible but unfortunately it doesn’t lead to a connection either.

There even is a Number shown on the top left but no connection as you can see in this picture:

Try this:

Which printer you have? If you have a hp printer then you can try to connect with the router. I have a hp printer also and at the time of connecting the printer with the router, it wanted a WPS pin. At first, I couldn’t find that but then I found the WPS pin on hp printer after searching many websites. Now everything is OK.

is that applicable to Up Mini 2 or just the Cetus (as its located in the cetus section, and this is the Up Mini 2 forum)?

I have this problem with win10 and my Upbox.

The printer can be seen for a while then the screen shows this:-

The settings and then search for printer probably won’t find it.
Unplugging and plugging back in the USB cable seems to bring it back for a while.
Owen S.

I had the same problem. When I disconnected and connected the USB, the device would show up in the devices on windows, but UP Studio would insist that it’s not connected. I tried the CPU utility but it didn’t work either.
Then I switched the printer off, completely with the switch on the back to cut the energy completely and held down the initialize button for 30s. Supposedly that gets rid of static in the system.
Then I switched everything back on and UP Studio recognized it again. Maybe this helps someone else. Maybe in combination withthe CPU utility.

Try moving the USB to a completely different port on the PC and if you have a hub, move it to a different hub on another port, or directly into the PC.

This is what eventually fixed this for me. For some reason, the printer seems to remember what it was connected to, and won’t recognize it. Not sure why. After a time even my Wifi started working again after I did this. ( Both Wifi and USB were not working ).

If you only have one USB port on your PC ( like it’s a surface or something ) then try installing a hub.

Each USB port has it’s own ID. It’s like the printer stops talking to the one it used to talk to.