Printer may be broken

I think my printer may be broken. I just got it Wednesday this week and have a good print, but something is wrong with the x-axis arm. I had to recalibrate the printer after my most recent print because the pla wasn't sticking to the build plate, but when I try to recalibrate the arm moves up when I get to points 3, 6, and 9. is the arm broken? Here is a video to show you guys what I mean. 


If something is wrong can I ship it back to be fixed? I really hope it is not broken only after 1 print.

tegregg 2017-3-27 06:30 edit

Looks to me that the printhead wire is getting taunt and pulling the printhead up.  Either try to stop it catching on top or take it out of the plastic casing to allow it to remain slack when the printhead is at the extreme.