Printer Completely stopped seeing any wireless

Cetus MK2 here

I don’t know why its been wonky for the past month when it comes to wireless but now my printer has decided it doesn’t want to see any wireless networks at all even a wifi hotspot next to it or the home router thats 3ft away from it…

Going into the printer’s settings while hooked to usb and it says no local networks found or something to that degree.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the wifi chip built into my printer’s cpu has given up on life…

check wifi antenna cable connection. also to check that you use a 2.4G wifi. I assume Cetus is not capable to connect to a 5G wifi network.

Late reply but a month later the printer stopped working or even initializing.

So gutted it and put a creality silent board, tinyfab heated bed, e3d v6 and a orbiter extruder.

check if up studio is on the whitelist of firewall.

Was on whitelist but a month later printer stopped initializing so things started pointing to the motherboard or the cpu died so I put my spare creality silent board in and haven’t looked back except for missing the better support in upstudio vs prusaslicer