Printer arrived! Built, calibrated, and first print

When we didn't get these on schedule I was like "oh crap...another 3D printer I backed that either won't ship or when it does it will be outdated". To my happy surprise it wasn't very much past the expected date and the printer is fairly good. 

Unpacked and assembled it (I never found an assembly video...heck...or even online instructions) but it's fairly simple. Setup and calibration had some fiddly bits...but seems to be working fine. First print (Benchy) was good except for some raft sticking and artifacts. I was using Cetus brand PLA also, which is an unknown quantity also. 


The bed coating works great.
The printer worked (basically) out of the box

Cetus software works well

Though not silent, it's not as loud as other printers.

FAST...not bad for such an inexpensive printer


Bed coating durability is questionable (eventually it's going to wear off or get PLA coating)

Power loss equals the print arm dropping like a rock..this needs a fix (and not that goofy hook).

Screws in the middle of the build plate

ALWAYS having to use a raft (you can off center print though)

Cetus software doesn't play well with others (much)

Servos are pretty warm...even when it's just sitting powered on


BUT...for $199?? It's a gronking good deal. I don't know if the $299 will be as good of a return on your investment....???


Best printer for the price range period. No complaints from me, I just ordered a second one.