Printer arm falls on the print when complete


Starting a new thread for folks who come looking for information about the printer arm falling after the print completes.

This happened while controlling the printer from a Macbook that has never had any other teirtime software on it.

I made sure the Cetus3D application was closed and then I deleted the file "printerconfig" from the "/Users/frank/Library/Containers/com.tiertime.cetusStudio/Data/Library/Application Support/Tiertime" directory.   

I do not have an "UpStudio" directory.

I then restarted both the printer and the Macbook.

The arm still looses power and falls after a print.

Cetus3D.log attached.   Here are my OS and Application versions.




The fixed Mac version is on its way being approved for Mac App Store.

If possible please use Windows version for now.

Thank you for reporting this.


Cetus Team

Thank you Jason.  I can confirm that the windows version does not drop the arm after a print completes.