Print quality

Hello :)

I've shared pictures of my prints with other people:

And I got these feedback:

-under extrusion (not sure properly translated ^^), we can see on the rook (also a bit on the benchy), a lot of black dots showing empty spaces where plastic is missing.

-apparently some wobble

I don't know what you guys think, I'm a noob with 3d printing, but I also noticed the lack of plastic on the prints at 0.1mm

I've had some advice to change some settings, but I can't do that with the cetus software for now ^^

What quality did you select?  If it's fast then it could be the cause of the wobble and under-extrusion. Try printing at fine or normal.

One way to fix the little holes is toput i more top layers. Default is 3 but I changed it to 5. you can find it here: print/preference/surface.

For the wobble make sure the surface its on is flat and also pisition the spool holder so that it's doesn't ahve to yank on it too hard. I put mine at 10 oclock... to the upper left of the Cetus. Good luck!

I was actually printing with fine selected. I'll try by changing the top layer and see how it goes, thx :)