Print Quality Issues with Blobs On Thin Sections

Hi all, looking for some guidance on what to do to improve the quality on this print. I have other printers that will handle this section just fine so I know it’s not the model.

Still learning the Up Studio 3 platform, as well as Cetus2, I’m thinking the issue is perhaps the seaming processes?

I’ve attempted to adjust the seam process to be random but that really didn’t change the results.

Adjustments to temperature, speed and other areas don’t seem to have much effect either so definitely would love to hear some of others successes in dealing with this issue.


So I’ve found some solutions to this issue, it appears to mostly be associated to cooling. I’ve decreased the speed of the print and also added a very thin cylindrical tower next to the model to give more cooling time to the main model.

Advanced the technique further by utilizing normal speed for the main body of the model and then when the ears (thinner portion starts), created a different config profile and set speed to slow.