Print Number Limitation

We keep getting this error message when we try to print. We have an account, it's registered, the printer is activated. Everything seems to be in order, but " Print Number Limitation" stops us. We tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software (on a PC). Short of creating more accounts, is there another solution?


Bumping this topic, as it is quite urgent. We need some clarification about printer "activation". Is it a one-time thing, or does the printer need to "phone home" via internet each time it is used? The problem may have something to do with the organization's network security settings. Please, we need some input from Tiertime on this issue, thanks.

Hello Kates,

Please send your serial number to, we will check the activation status and provide asistance.

The activation is a one-time process, no need for further communication.

Thanks, Jason.

I keep getting this error message " Print Number Limitation"?. Please Help.

per caso ha risolto? ho anche io lo stesso problema