'Print Number Limitation' on Mac software

So I've had my Cetus for a few days now and it's worked (relatively) fine. But now when I go to print, I get the error in the software of 'Print Number Limitation'. I've never been able to register my printer with my Mac software because it won't let me login. I'm using the same login/password as here and I've been able to login on my iOS app, but then I can't connect to the printer because the wifi connection isn't working. I have a Windows machine, so I'll try to connect and register there, but are any other Mac users having an issue registering their printer or logging into the software?

Nope-I can't login in the windows software, either. And the 'Sign Up' button does nothing in either the Windows or Mac software, so I'm unable to create a new account. I know the username/password are correct because I've logged in on my iPhone.

Aha-I got in. I think it was because my password had a special character-I had to change it to not include a special character-you might want to fix this.

You need to activate your printer to eliminate the "Print Number limit".

[quote][size=2][color=#999999]JasonWu post at 2017-2-5 17:31[/color][/size]
You need to activate your printer to eliminate the &quotrint Number limit".[/quote]

Yes, this I know, but I was unable to log into my account on the Mac (or Windows) software because my password had a special character. This is a bug in the software and should be fixed.