Print Head Mount

I bought a UpBox + through an action and it’s in bad shape. Has a broken X axis, left bearing and sleeve. Also looks like the print head mount is broken on the bottom side. I was able to order the X axis part but I can’t find the print head mount. Can someone please help me. This is my first printer. Thank you in advance

These parts are available, but you have to do some digging.
The head carrier is a Y Linear Rail Guide Assy for the Upbox (& +).
Its part number is BC0614. I know its right - I bought one.
This was bought from a company called
The Left & Right X Axis carriers (the right one has the Motor Mount & End-Stop Switch housing) are available from various sources. I used
The part number of the Left Carriage Assy is BC0095-CN
The part Number of the Right Carriage Assy is BC0094.
Again; I know these are correct, as I’ve replaced mine.
Linear Rail Carriers or Supports are also available, but I designed my own in just a few minutes, which are actually more robust than the originals. Printed in ABS, they work fine.
The Belt Bearing Carriers are also available, but are equally simple to reproduce and again, ABS does the job well.
It’s a BIG strip-down to replace these bits, but worth the pain. It’s worth replacing the LED strips too.
Any 12V self adhesive LED strips will work and I simply used Cool-White strips, as opposed to the RGB originals fitted, as there were significant failures and poor illumination.
Hope this is of some help.
Happy printing.