Print coming out weirdly chunky

So I went to print the fat spool roll v3 for the Cetus:

But it's coming out weird. Here are my settings and what it's meant to look like:


But here's what it looks like on the printer-it seems like it's trying to print an awkward shell at 13%-is this due to a misconfiguration with my Cetus, or is this just a poor design on the part of the piece? Or was I meant to print it at 100% or just a shell?


Or am I just new at this and those are supports?

Try 0.2mm for the Layer Thickness and it should look better.

Those are supports. Click 'Preference' and then 'No Supports' to turn them off on future prints that don't need them. 

Yep! As it's been suggested, those are supports. They help minimize the drooping of parts that are floating. When the print finishes, you can break those off. You can disable them under preferences. 

Many things do need supports though, but I included a slight slope in fat spool that allows it to be printed without supports. You just need to be sure you explicitly select it.

Okay, since this may be one of the first prints people do, I've added a blurb in the description introducing supports.

Yeah, they did snap off without issue-classic noob question :) 

The slope leading up to the edges is quite rough, though-I guess I should have used .2mm for layer height. In any case, it's a purely functional tool and it works well-thanks!

Yeah, 0.3mm layer heights is a bit rigid. As long as the filament doesn't droop while printing (supportless), it's working.

I have a version I printed overnight at 0.15mm. It's smooth, but it could be smoother. I have been thinking about adding some variants with more slope, just to have them. Hmm.