Preview of support material

Is it just me or is there no way to see a preview of your actual print so that you can see the supports too?  Every other software I have used has this ability and it would really help me, especially after my last print?  Does anyone know how to see the supports?

The software wasn't desigend to show the slices aor support. It's unfortunate but thats how it is for even the Up Studio. Fortunately their supoport algorithim works really well so the mroe you use it, the less paranoid you'll be lol. Honestly though I'm a Simplify3D user so once they make their gcode translation better I'll stop using the Cetus Studio.

It works for the most part, but not always.

Here's one failed print, as the software didn't add support where it should have.

Sure I can change the orientation of the part in this case, and fix it that way. But that will not always be the case.

The reason I printed it in this orientation, is that I'm troubleshooting a Y axis issue.


I too wish that we could preview support, and add support where it fails to do so automatically.

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It works for the most part, but not always.Here's one failed print, as the software didn't a …[/quote]

The default gap is at .3mm for suppor to be able to generate for it. You can also selec 0 which I think will put support at evens the smallers gap, have you tried this? I'm not 100% but maybe I ca try it out also.

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The default gap is at .3mm for suppor to be able to generate for it. You can also selec 0 which I …[/quote]

On the part in the picture, the area not supported is about 5 mm above the bed, and about 2 mm in front of the rest of the part.

With the 0.3mm rule, it should have added support. 

It's a respin of the spool holder update that you posted actually :-)
I got inspired by your design, and took a 20x20 extrusion end-cap from thingiverse, and updated it by extending one of the tabs that seat into the extrution. It's this trapezoid shape that is not supported.

I uploaded the spool rest model to thingiverse if anyone is interested. It's using the Customizer, but just generate it with default values, and it should be snug fit for the stand that comes with the Cetus 3D.

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@bluedinos:On the part in the picture, the area not supported is about 5 mm above the bed, and abo …[/quote]

Yeah that is wierd that it didn't give you suppor for that. ANother thing though I'd reccomend 200temp and not the 210 thats default. You cans ee on the raft how the the top layer sinks in between each lateral lines. If you print at 200, those vertial lines will be perfectly straight across and no adhesion problem. I'm also using anotehr PLA brand and using 190c which also prints fine.

It woud be nice if there were a way to preview the slicing whether or not supports are involved. I like the way Simplify3D does it where you cannot save without first previewing.

I ran the yellow part with support (removed in pictures). The support worked for the most part. Although, once the design was a few more iterations down the road, I had to use S3D because of the issue of strange layering with part rotation and Cetus Studio. That S3D was required also meant that I couldn't run subsequent prints on the Cetus3D as mine will not run S3D files at all.

For some reason a few layers in the middle were determined to be "full layers" by Cetus Studio and not just the partial hollow cylinder. I previewed the same STL file in S3D and it worked fine. The grid pattern is because I picked a lower than 100% infill. That being said, it looks like at least this problem print confirmed that the Cetus3D is pretty good at bridging!



Note: All the other printed parts were printed by my other printer. That really badly layered green part was thankfully from that same printer but 4 or 5 versions back.