Possible return for fixing or return for full REFUND PLEASE!

Jason Wu, Pauland, cmeyer

Thanks for all the advices and the instructions

And i have finally find the problem but it is not something

the auto leveling can fix.

there seem to be a tiny flaw with my printer (the Y-axis)

I have done everything Jason Wu has adviced, First issue was that, I realized the vertical calibration was obtus so i set the Z to -1.5 which got my models printing a little straight. I

watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdiRxK6BeDM , and took it a little further in using the manual configuration in the Calibration section which helped a great deal on a flat surface, measured the bed to get a flat surface

then i printed out the L shaped model referred above by Jason Wu. i then used a 

90 degree right triangle ruler to measure them while still on bed i almost got perfect right angle

model with the left middle model being close to perfect but a little acute and the right middle and top middle being obtus. the bottom middle was a little bit acute than the left middle

I also decided to print my own L models with Fusion 360 and the print came out almost the same

with each sides i mentioned.

Finally, i calibrated it once again with the manual configuration and after that

decided to have the motor move starting from the center to each sides while eye balling the Y-axis trajectory and behavior.

On first observation, I noticed a deviation in leveling in the nozzle height after i have instructed it to move to the middle plane(bed) it was about 1mm heighter than the position set I then moved it 

to the left middle then back again to the middle then it had adjusted itself the normal height set

Now when i instructed it to move to the top middle, everything was perfectly leveled as it moved but then when while it was moving back to the middle, it scraped the surface very hard along until it reached 2cm to the middle. the same issue occured from the middle to all the positions to the right.

There is no problem when moving from the center to the any positions to the right on close inspection, everything is smooth and perfectly leveled

But when i instruct nozzle to move back to middle from any position to the right

the nozzle scrapes the bed hard with squeeking sounds

I try to level the left sides of the bed to compensate but the right positions up and down button 

cannot go above zero. it does not solve the issue

On the contrary i end up with all sides squeeking with the right sides being the worse

There is definately a mechanical flaw/issue with my Printer

Either the Y-axis shaft is not perfectly horizontal or the conveyor belt has a flaw at which

pulling the motor left and right causes it to shift slightly up or down or SOMETHING!!

The Issue is coming from here


Jason Wu, I LOVE THE CETUS!, the quality print is without a doubt

amazing! and i definitely wont go for any other printer

if this issue can be fixed.

May i please return you this printer, fix this issue and send it back to me ??

Or a Refund If i send this Printer back, PLEASE!!

I received this Printer back in early March and I have fiddled with it

until this point, enough is enough..