Poor print quality with TPU

I’ve been having some pretty poor print quality with TPU. Like inconsistent extrusion or something This is on Fine with the TPU. https://i.imgur.com/1g1zrCf.jpg
Any ideas on how to fix?

Is the filament dry? Have you tried finding out what the best temperature is? I had similar results but have gotten really good TPU prints when I dialed in the temperature.

What is your parameter ? I try TPU but i have got warping… I tried with raft or no raft, with glass plate and blue tape and with the perfboard…

but Nothing to do … I print 5/10mm and ther is a big warping and my print crash…
My parts is big… Ø150mm…

Have you got any idea ???

Filament is dry. I haven’t tried fiddling with temperature yet though because it’s kind of a pain there.
I’ll have to try a bunch of different benchys at different Temps then.

I just used the default tpu setting and this is on a raft on glass. If you use glass try heat setting it with hairspray.

I’ve used Sainsmart TPU and AmazonBasics TPU with very good results using the TPU head, clean glass bed, and the default TPU settings. I haven’t run down to fine, just on normal.

I was printing TPU masks a while back so good layer adhesion was really important. I’ve done some parts “for fun” too and they look good on the Up300.