Poof poof poof sound i need help

i need help.

After my cetus has torn off the filament because the roll has not rotated properly, the printer is no longer correct.

i let the printer consume the rest of the filament in the tube.

after i insert the new filament the printer makes poof sound and the printer have problems to print. 

the extruder output is no longer constant

how can i fix this problem

i have changed the filament but still the same problem. the printer skips parts or don't press out the filament.

at the moment i use a 0.2nozzle.

i saw where the nocking/ poof sound comes from.

It comes from the wheel which moves the filament but i have no idea if this make the skips.

i hope the Cetus Extruder Unit V1 is not broken.

it all happens after the filament crack bekause the spoole dosent spin on the spool holder.

It was tension and the filament crack.

second print and the printer is destroyed -_-.

The nozzle maybe blocked,  replace with another nozzle or clear it.

You say it makes a "poof" sound... I'd it possible your filament has moisture in it?

If, however, it's more of a clicking sound, then yeah, probably just a blocked nozzle.

Maybe also check that there's no resistance on the spool unrolling.

i think i use a woring layer thickness i have used a 0.2 nozzle and printet in 0.15.

Yes, having the nozzle too close to the build plate will produce this effect, too.