Please let us turn off the first line of the print (the cleaning test line)

Hi, according to our facebook group discussion I am not the only one with this problem so Im posting it also in here. Please let us in Cetus software to turn off the first "testing" line of the print. Its printing too close and too much material and it is actually damaging the coating of our beds.  

Either let us apply skirt insted or it would still be better to don't do anything and turn it off.

Pretty please? 



The nozzle prime makes perfect sense to me just as it is. You can try to slice with S3D and use a skirt instead and see that you have to use more time and probably material (depending on the model) if you try to get the flow thru printing a skirt.

Not really problem for me either, but making the user select if they want it not, is not a bad thing.

But I like that it primes the nozzle, and makes sure it's extruding as needed, when before starting the print, without wasting too much plastic and time.

If you have issues with the nozzle damaging the print bed, it might be that your nozzle is too close to the print bed for the first layer.

The recommendation from Cetus is, to calibrate the nozzle hight with the paper test as per normal, just like you would do with other printers, or when printing on glass.

But for the Cetus print surface, you then need to subtract 0.5 mm from the height you get, and use that as your nozzle hight.

... but making the user select if they want it not, is not a bad thing.

It is, since that user would complain that his prints do not start correct (first inches missing).

The request is completely BS and makes no sense without repacing the priming line with a skirt.

As told before, doing a skirt takes much more time and at minimum the same amount of material (wheras the wasting material  argument is ridiculous).

I can't see where this is any sort of a problem either. That little 1" of extruded plastic probably uses about 1/4" of actual filament. Wasting filament?  You've got to be kidding me.