Platform Calibration

I have the extended height version of the Cetus 3D, and I have run several small test prints with no issue.

The problem I have is with large prints and the lack of flatness of the platform.  My Z axis adjustments are as follows:

1:+0.5mm    2:+0.7mm    3:+0.8mm

4:+0.1mm    5:+0.4mm    6:+0.8mm

7:+0.0mm    8:+0.4mm    9:+0.8mm

But when printing a test cube at each location, the first layers seem to ignore these offsets:  Locations 4 and seven are almost perfect, and locations 2,3,6 are all wavy like the nozzle was nowhere near the build plate (and they dont stick, which is the whole purpose of the raft).

Is anyone else seeing this problem, or am I missing one of the settings?

I suggest you try to physically level the hardware. The Cetus3D Users FB group has a couple of tips on how to do that. 

I did have your problem.  It took about 30 minutes for me to fix it and large prints have been printing perfectly.  I happen to have some thin copper metal sheet in my garage.  I measured it to be 0.003 inches thick.  You can use almost anything; tin foil, paper, etc.  I cut strips of material about 3 or 4mm wide and about 10mm long.  I loosened the screws on the platform without removing them.  In your case I would have slipped two strips of my foil under the platform closest to section "9".  I would have done the same for section 8.  I would slip one strip close to section 5.  Then I would tighten the screws and take measurements again.  If that did not level it out, it would be close so I would take measurements again and add another strip where needed.  I had to go through the process 3 times but it really took me 30 minutes at max.  It was not fun but it was not that bad and my print qualities are amazing now.  It is worth the effort.

Hi, glueguy, did you find the resolution? I am getting the same thing.

need to use raft, otherwise the values are ignored.

basically the cetus printers are great in accuracy. I own two of these and have to say the bed is total even and levelled. If the printing plate is not accurate open a support ticket and try to get a new even plate… the bed levelling is not needed on these sturdy and well built machines.