Plate levelling and Simplify3D

Simplify3D can't make use of the plate level calibration data in the Cetus software, so when I print from gcode, the lower portion looks a bit like the leaning tower of Pisa. Anyine know a way round this - other than taking a hammer to the plate and making it dead level?

I have been asking for this for a while.. Cetus Studio has ''vertical calibration''(you measure a calibration model printed on your Cetus) so the offset of your machine will get fixed and you can print straight structures (no leaning towers). But when I print gcode these values are ignored so anything I print is crooked and leaning to the front.

Only Cetus/Jason can fix this so I hope we can really use gcode with the Cetus.. People have asked a few times but no answer anywhere.

I got an answer from Jason. Basically he says it's too hard to adjust for gcode so it will not be added.

He suggests we calibrate in gcode software but this is not possible, I have been looking for that for years but vertical calibration probably doesn't exist like in Cetus Studio. And then he suggested to mechanically adjust the printer.. I asked how so when I get an answer I will let you know.

i added a 3 point adjustable glass bed and simply level it. i lost 4-5mm overall height but thats not a problem for me. prints s3d and cura just fine.

To be clear: I'm not talking about leveling the build plate. I have that perfectly leveled by adding a piece of rubber between the plate and the bearing/rail so I can use the screws to align the surface to the nozzle. So I also have an adjustable 3 point bed.

Apart from this every printer has a bit of an offset to the front or back and also diagonally, this can be corrected in the Cetus software. The Cetus is a ''descendant'' of the Up Plus/Tiertime 3D printers and this vertical calibration was already in the software in 2011 - check this video:

Now I can't calibrate my Cetus for gcode (only works for models sliced with Cetus Studio) and I have to rebuild the printer myself - Jason mailed I have to mechanically adjust the printer because they will not add the gcode correction.

Hi, Try this:


Thanks! If that works that would be awesome. How do you know this, so it is possible to calibrate gcode? I couldn't find any info about this before, everywhere it was recommended to calibrate/adjust the printer.

Thanks for your contribution, it is really appreciated!

A mechanical leveling can be seen in the following youtube video. A bit lengthy and for non-native speakes sometimes a bit hard to understand (GermanEnglish ...), but I am German and I could follow my German colleague pretty well.

So give it a try and your machine is level in all axis.

Adjusting Cetus 3D

if you can calculate the lean angle in your part, couldn’t you rotate the part by that amount in S3D before generating the gcode?

One way to calculate this angle would be to print a large cube and then inspect it with a square and feeler gage.

Feeler gage required to fill the opening at the gap between the square and the cube = F

height of the cube = H

F/H = the tangent of the angle. You can use a trig table or scientific calculator to get the angle for that tangent

(with a calculator, enter the tangent, then INV TAN to get the angle)

S3D should let you manually enter a rotation angle. You’ll also have to lower the model so there is no gap between the build plate and the part of the model that raises up when you tilt it.

Once you have it nailed, just apply the same lean angle to all parts before generating the g-code.