Plastic leak into nozzle area!

optagon 2017-10-31 07:59 edit

So I had my first catastrophic failure already on my second print. I thought it would take longer than that!

I had tried going support-less on a very flat print that was less than a centimeter tall, and after about forty minutes I noticed it was messing up. So I turn it off and take a close look, just to see it had completely filled the area around the nozzle so I try to pull the plug out with a pair of tweezers. Some black fluff from the insulation tape was coming out with it. Uh oh. 

So after unscrewing everything it became clear I had to tear off the insulation tape, and I still need to cut away all the plastic before I can detatch the nozzle. I am considering letting the whole piece disolve in an acetone bath but not sure if that will make things better or worse. So for now it's cutting plastic and fluff by hand.

Edit: On the off-chance that the plastic seen in my photo is supposed to be there and not a result of my printing failure, I will leave it for now. But in any case I can't detach the nozzle as it's glued stuck to the holder. And this fluff is very annoying.

Edit 2: I managed to fix it after an hour of cutting and scraping. At least I learned how the extruder is assembled :)


Sorry, you can contact support for asistance.

[quote][size=2][url=forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&pid=2041&ptid=434][color=#999999]JasonWu post at 2017-10-30 08:03[/color][/url][/size] Sorry, you can contact support for asistance.[/quote]

I didn't need to! I was able to cut it free and replaced the heat insulation with a piece of cloth while I wait to replace it with dedicated cotton pads. It's back online and printing beautifully.

T-Rex from thingiverse

Can't wait to retry this print with the 0.2 nozzle :)