Place model flat on printbed OPTION?!

raab6 2017-2-9 22:37 edit


is there a way beside "Auto Place" to select a surface and set them flat to the print bed?

Rotating the model by hand is impossible to get exact flat.

Heres a picture of an example:


The red marked area is not at the same level as the green marked area.

And it is impossible to place it 100% flat with manual rotation.

@ Cetus could you implement a option to select a surface and auto place it flat on the print bed?


My options:

- no raft

- no support

I have good luck selecting the axis and clicking one of the buttons with a predetermined angle, like '90' when I rotate stuff to fit on the bed. 

I do wish they have soemthing like in simplify3D contrl+L the selct a triangle for it to auto rotate and move to bottom.

I'm wondering if that back face he's trying to use isn't actaully flat. the parts circled may not be on the same plane as the other pieces so they end up floating just above the surface.

This could be true @ cyberhugger, but I also printed other parts where a flat surface was splitted in half because it was not flat placed.

@ BlueDinos I also would prefer an option like in simplify3d "Place Surface on Bed"

If it doesn't matter if those parts are all connected, you could use something like Tinkercad to split it up into two models. Then it could lay each of them flat on the bed.

Actualy there are several areas not touching the bed. Is the screenshot taken after of before slicing and with or without raft?

Screenshot was taken after slicing and without raft and without support.