PLA adhesion to bed is not very strong

I just got my printer yesterday and managed to print some very nice quality parts right out of the box which is impressive!
Today I went for a slightly larger part that is about 7cm high and 9cm by 6.5cm at the base. On the 1st try the raft detached from the bed after just a few layers of the actual print. Before the 2nd attempt I took my heat gun and warmed up the bed a bit which did help, however when the print got to to about 3cm tall I noticed that the raft is a bit lose again. I’ve managed to hold the print down using some sticky tape at the corners so it would finish the print, however this is not ideal and the layer shifts are obvious from the point the part got detached.

What is the best way to handle this problem on the coated platform?

Correction - What is the best way to handle this problem on the non-coated platform?


I lost the coated because I washed the bed with acetone (dont do it!)

Put hairspray on the bed and then warm up the bed with the heat gun. It work a lot for me. And if you are thinking to buy another bed, buy the heated bed. Actually, i am using cetus heated bed, hairspray and no problem!!!


You use the hairspray has an adhesive? Am I correct?

I’ve never had any luck with hairspray. However if you rub some Pritt stick (or the UHU equivalent) over the plate just before printing starts it will stick firmly. Old Pritt will come off with a cloth soaked in warm water.