PETG settings for UP Box+ with PLA extruder

Hi everyone. I struggle for long time to find the best settings for PETG printing. I use UP Studio 2.6 because is easier to use comparing the “multi useless data” Studio3. Does any of you have any recommendation referring to print settings with PETG. Thanks in advance.

Have had reasonable success with the following in PETG on both the upbox+ and Up300 with the PLA head
ALWAYS use a large nozzle 0.4mm or above
I find printing one item at a time only helps, as multiples it often freezes in the nozzle between parts.
Keep the print moving and the PETG flowing- pauses tend to block the nozzle,
I always print normal speed and

Layer thickness 0.2mm or greater

Temp: 245
Platform temp: 70
Density: 1.38
Basic temp: 245
Withdraw: 25

Outline: Scan speed 40, Send ratio 1, line width 0.5, temp bias 0
Infill: Scan speed 45, Send ratio 1.05, line width 0.52, temp bias 0
Support: Scan Speed 50, Send ratio 0.9, Line width 0.55, temp bias 0

Overlap 0.22, joint size 0.2

hope this helps

Thanks GJX. I followed your PETG settings and BINGO ! I have to say I used a TPU Tiertime extruder not the PLA one, but results are very good. I believe my PLA extruder is damaged from construction. Thanks again

Can you please share your material profile as well? :slight_smile: