PETG? do you have experience printing with PETG?

Has anyone had experience printing PETG on any Ceetus machines?

I heard that you need an all metal hot end to print PETG. Does Ceetus MK3 have all metal hot end?

Thank you

I do not have experience with PETD on my Cetus but i printed it on other printers.
For PETG you need 230 to 250° celsius hotent temperature. The only thing that could be damaged is maybe the red silicone sock wrapped around the hotend. The melting point of PTFE is at around 320°C, if your nozzle even has ptfe tubing inside it. Warping is the only thing i see as a problem. It does not warp as nearly as much as ABS, but i think you still need a heated bed.

I have been printing with it for the past couple of days. Just make sure you set the temperature to at least 230. I have a Cetus3D Mk3 and the PETG prints better than PLA.