PETG and raft settings

Trying to print PETG on my Box+ using the perfboard. What are my best settings in material manager to allow an easy to remove raft? So far all efforts to get an easy to remove raft have left me with failure and stuck rafts.


Asking again. This time about my Up300.

Prints PETG fine. Until you try to remove the part from the raft. UpStudio 2.6, custom PETG profile (260C/80C bed) .4 nozzle, .2 layer, 20 peel ratio.

The parts a stuck hard to the raft. Can barely get an edge to peel.

What other settings to look at for Matdef?

Peel ratio should be 10%. Check the nozzle to the print bed distance. It should be 0.2 mm higher than the distance for ABS. I cannot tell anything about the retraction distance. I have tried from 3 to 1.9 mm but after a while the filament blocks the nozzle.

Thanks. I’ll try the lower peel ratio. I’m sure I read in the Tiertime docs for MATDEF that clicking “easy to peel” reduces the peel ratio by 20% and does not go negative. So 20% peel with easy to peel selected would be zero. Same as if set to 10. Unless I was told wrong.

I’ll try later this weekend.