Performance Issues with the UP350D 3D Printer

Hello Tiertime Team,

I am currently using the UP350D 3D printer and have encountered several performance issues that I hope can be addressed. While the printer has many impressive features and generally produces high-quality prints, there are a few significant concerns that affect my overall experience.

I have noticed that the printing speed is slower than expected. This has impacted my productivity, as it takes longer to complete prints than anticipated. Any improvements to increase the printing speed without compromising quality would be greatly appreciated.

Additionally, I have observed that the printer produces a considerable amount of noise during operation. This hardware noise can be quite disruptive, especially in a shared workspace.

Overall, while the UP350D has the potential to be an excellent tool for professionals, addressing these performance issues would significantly enhance its usability and efficiency.

When I was searching about this I came across many useful resources/articles what is react native Tips And Tricks – Tiertime 3D Printer,FDM 3D Printer are some of them. Following them, I tried many possible ways to improve their performance, however, It helped me a bit to some extent.

I look forward to any updates or solutions you can provide to resolve these concerns.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.