Orders from your store take FOREVER to ship and you don't answer to e-mails

I placed order 2734 (a heater element) on the 5. of December.

I sent several e-mails why it was not shipped yet, with no response.

Then I got a shipping notification on the 14th (!) with a tracking number.

But apparently the package is not even shipped out yet, the tracking number is still not active!

Why isn't this working as it should? Orders should be shipped out the same or the next business day! Everything else is not acceptable.

My printer is offline and I can't fulfill the orders from my clients and you take two weeks just to put one item in a box and ship it out? Unbeleivable...

And why don't you answer to e-mails?

did you receive yours yet?


Please accept my apology, holiday seasons, order overload and courier paralyized.

We are building oversea stocks of all our products, so this will not happen again.

I sought replacement for a blocked 0.2mm nozzle with a new printer months ago and have not had a reply to my email.

I STILL havent received my order!

And the link you sent me in the email to check on the order is BROKEN.

I can't see my order history, it just redirects to the login page, even though I am already logged in.

The tracking number you sent me results in this text: "Item is not found at this moment, If necessary, please verify with the package sender and check back later."

Are you kidding me? Are you scamming of people? You are not shipping orders for several weeks?