Order Processing

How do you know when your printer will ship if your order status says processing.


You will not know. 

You can try to ask Cetus directly. But do not expect an exact date.

In reality you know after receiving an tracking number email.


ps.: I wait since beginning of february because it seems they have to produce a additional batch of devices..

My order still says processing, I think that's how it stays after reading other posts on here.

However, I have just had a text from DHL to say its on its way, I ordered late February Pre-order #155

Hope this is of some reassurance.


Mine just arrived today and my status still shows "processing". Also, I didn't even get any tracking number, just an automated phone call to tell me that I needed to pay about $40 for taxes and import fees.

Mine was ordered on January 20, if that helps put a time frame on it.