Open Cura gcode in UP Studio 2 and send it to UP mini 2

Hello dear community members, hello Tiertime team

I have a new question about the slicer software.

Can I open my created Cura gcode in the Tiertime UP Studio 2 slicer software and then send it to my 3D printer UP mini 2 via WiFi?

I always get an error message when I try to open the Cura gcode in UP Studio 2.

Anyone have experience here?

Can someone please help me.

I would be very happy.

Thanks, regards Christian

Unfortunately you cannot do that.

Gcode and Tiertime are two words that are mutually exclusive of each other.

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Hi there @gosman, have you seen this thread?

It’s worth the read if you make the time. In the past, I’ve used it to get my Cetus printer running via Cura on my last computer (I have a new one and none of the old configuration files :frowning: ). I don’t know how different our two printers are, but for what it’s worth, we could work together for a bit and try to figure it out. :slightly_smiling_face: It’s always nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of!

As for me, I’m currently working on getting Cura configured (again) for my Cetus, so we may be in the same boat, somewhat. (edit: obviously we’ll need to tweak the Gcode somewhat, from what works for the Cetus to what works for your UP mini 2, but that sounds like something I’m up for tinkering with, if you are too. An additional note is that I read once that the bed leveling applied by the UP Studio software for files it slices is NOT used when running Gcode files printed through UP Studio, because what you want to print has been sliced already. I’m currently working on a mechanical bed-leveling solution to solve that/my specific problem.)
(edit 2: one more thing, there’s a built-in guide to UP Studio 2 about how to print with Gcode. Long story short, it links here,, but I accessed it by opening UPStudio 2, clicking the “Help” book icon, then there was a black square labeled “Gcode tutorial” that linked to what I linked above.)

I’ll try and remember to check the forums for a direct message from you. We can post progress here publicly as we make it!

Good luck!