only 7 materials allowed - what the hell?

7 materials, 5 characters only? Is this what i paid 400$ for? Is there any reason
not to let me use as many profiles as i want? Is this 19th century or what?


We are working on allow adding more materials profiles and more material properties.
will definitely improve the feature in future updates.

<p>When is the update of the Cetus3D software coming where you can add more than 7 materials?</p>

It’s been two years now. Still cannot add more matdef profiles.

It would be helpful if we could delete the useless default Tiertime materials settings.

You did not update for quite a while man, if now update to latest up studio, you can add unlimited number of material profiles.

I’m on the latest - It still only allows a few materials from what I can see. Also, I can’t get Material Editor to stay on the screen. It’s not multiple monitor friendly.

I had to reinstall, and I remember you telling me of an even more recent version than can be downloaded from the website Jason - but I lost the link to it. Could I trouble you to send me the link again? Thanks

The very latest version allows for tons of material profiles. I’m not sure if there’s even a limit because I’ve got about 25.

Download here:

Make sure you choose the correct download to suit your system (32 bit or 64 bit).

There is a newer version that this - it’s just not online yet. You can only download it by a link.

Not sure why I can’t add additional profiles then :frowning: Another buggy install. :frowning: It would be nice if new versions and old versions could force-install without going through the problem of refusing because it incorrectly thinks that a newer version is installed.