Nozzles with PTFE tube sticking out

I received my order(s) of spare nozzles. The 0.04MM now have red caps rubber like caps (Nice for easy ID) but the PTFE tube is sticking out the top end. I pushed it in as far as it would go then had to cut of the excess to use it in the printer. Is this a new standard?


They're new. See more here:

I don't use Facebook. Can someone post the scoop on these new nozzles

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I don't use or trust Facebook either. This link is totally useless.

All three nozzles with red caps have plugged because new filament feeding in, deforms and breaks chips off the unprotected edge of PTFE and plug 0.40mm orifice. Also the PTFE tube pulls back out when retracting fliament. On my printer the nozzle is not exactly centered under the stepper feed. The old style nozzle with the tappered infeed and protected PTFE tube end did not have feed issues. These new ones have a serious feed issue. Poor idea Cetus. Please go back to the old style.

Also why so long a PTFE tube? (Maybe explained on FB?) The tube must be cut to fit under the feeder. Cutting the PTFE with anything other than a razor sharp edge creates it's own set of issues with deforming the tube end.

Wow, sorry for trying to help.

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I emailed Cetus with my question and their response was the nozzle is designed for a new extruded that is coming soon however it works with the current one. Just cut off the protruding piece.  I'll try it and see what happens. 

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Wow, sorry for trying to help.[/quote]

Sorry Coop42, Not scoulding you. It's facebook I detest. It has launched ransomware attacks on my computer twice. FB is not to be trusted.

Jason told me to cut the tube about 2mm above the nozzle. I was cutting it flush as I had no instruction otherwise. Cutting it flush creates the problem I wrote about above. The original design nozzle the PTFE tube is protected and held captive inside the nozzle. The longer stick-out may prevent or at least reduce pull back as the PTFE tube will contact the feeder. I am still concerned about the unprotected end of the tube. The new feeder may provide a better alinement and protection for the end.

The first use of the new design nozzle was not a problem. It was after several filament changes created plugged nozzles. I noticed the deformation and damage to the PTFE tube end as the power feed drives in the sharp cut trimmed end of a new filament into the tube end. The tube pulls out a bit with retraction so things are a bit out of alinement. It only requires a very tiny flake of PTFE to plug a 0.40 hole and it doesn't melt at extrusion temperature. Result: nozzle plug.