"Nozzle too hot" and doesn't resume printing

Printer stops at 2nd layer and says, "Nozzle too hot" and doesn't resume printing.

Anyone know why this is happening?  It' been working great up until now.  The only thing I did was update the cetus software.

Hi, can you check if cooling fan is connected?

please check your temperature reading in software, if it is super high, could be the due to dead temperature sensor.

I also have this problem! After about 10-15 mins, the temperature jumps up to about 125% and it says 'Nozzle too hot'!! I've replaced the printhead PCB and the rainbow cable but it's still happening!! Any solutions?? Thanks

Sorry this is for Cetus, my problem is with the Up Box

This can be caused by a broken wire in the temperature sensor. The only real fix is to replace the heat block.