Nozzle temperature measurement is unstable

Even though the heater temperature has dropped during printing, it is still measuring a high temperature, so the heater does not operate and cools down, causing the nozzle to become clogged and printing to fail.

Also, even though the heater temperature is normal, it may detect a high temperature and issue a “nozzle temperature too hot” error.

The timing varies, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to print without any problems.

However, there seems to be a problem with the control and correction of the temperature sensor.

The bed also has a heater and sensor, but their behavior is clearly different from that of the nozzle. It seems that the nozzle sensor reading response is slow.

It seems like the problem is with the circuit, not the heater or sensor.
I suspect that the capacitor has deteriorated.

I will fix it myself, so please give me the UPBOX circuit diagram manual.

This image shows the temperature display 10 minutes after printing was stopped.
After leaving it for another 10 minutes, here is the next image.

Of course, the nozzle is not hot to the touch.
Even though it’s cold, the temperature keeps fluctuating between 70 and 100 .

It may continue to drop and reach the appropriate temperature.

Anyway, the measurement is unstable.

This does not change even if the back panel is opened.

I suspect that something is wrong with the part that corrects the thermocouple measurements.

Please tell me what the specifications are.
スクリーンショット 2024-04-01 140455