Noozle too cool error during print


We have a UPBOX + printer at my school and it always displays the “nozzle too cool” error about 30 seconds into the print and then stops printing. This has happened every time we have tired to print something with any type of filament. The printer will visibly put out less and less plastic before canceling its print job and becoming un-initilized. It does seem to extrude and with draw upon request with no problem it is just printing that it can not complete

We have already tried replacing the ribbon cable between the print head and the main board but it did not do anything to help the situation.

I have also tried to follow some of the advice listed here but it did not help and the author here does not seem to get the problem fixed here either.

We have tried to contact support but since they say that the printer is not under warranty they can not do anything else for us. We are in a public school system and don’t have the budget to replace this printer or spend money on trial and error part replacing.

Any help would be appreciated.


check the ribbon cable between extruder and the extruder mount.
You may also try replace the heater module of extruder.

Thank you Jason I will give that a try