No update on order, or shipping details provided after multiple requests

mradi 2017-12-15 22:29 edit

Order ID:- #2503
Date Added:- 26/11/2017
Payment Method:-  PayPal Express Checkout
Shipping Method:- DHL Worldwide Express


As the details shared above, I made the order on 11/26/2017.  I paid extra for shipping as the printer was only available in Australia and not china.

Until today, I have not received any confirmation for the shipping, or any other details.

I emailed customer support multiple times. 

Can you please respon to my query?

Is anyone else also facing similar issues with their order?


Received my order, got the printer with a damaged & used printe bed. 

Damage seems permanent. 


Psyc1990 2017-12-5 05:06 edit

I ordered at 27.11.17

Same thing no response on email.....

No change in order.....

Ordered im USA


My order (hong-kong dhl from china to europe):

Date Added Status Comment

27/11/2017 Processing

30/11/2017 Processed

Psyc1990 2017-12-5 08:32 edit

Is saw it changed from processing to processed yesterday ^^

Hope to get the printer before 24/12 ^^

But no email from support :-(

My order (hong-kong dhl from china to europe):

Date Added Status Comment

26/11/2017 Processing

30/11/2017 Processed

no tracking info :(

Hi Darek. Could you tell me where are you from?

Darek 2017-12-13 08:57 edit

I ask support for tracking no, and 10h later Erica send me tracking no :), fast support!, now order status shipped. 

Darek, send me you email address to, please.

mradi 2017-12-6 19:34 edit


Jason/ Anyone from Cetus actively looking at this?

Please provide some update. 

@etet100 are you from Cetus3d? 

My order was shipped yesterday


Ordered 27.11.17

Shipped 6.12.17

[quote][size=2][color=#999999]mradi post at 2017-12-6 19:28[/color][/size]
Hi, Jason/ Anyone from Cetus actively looking at this?Please provide some update. @etet100 …[/quote]

Hi. I'm just a buyer.

I am waiting for my order as well, no response from support!!

Has anyone actually received their printer, Do I need to contact my credit card!!

[quote][size=2][color=#999999]benwingrove post at 2017-12-8 01:46[/color][/size]
I am waiting for my order as well, no response from support!!Has anyone actually received their prin …[/quote]

Same question, hope it's not late before I can get my money back. Why don't they reply if the shop is still active?

Sorry guys, we trying our best to ship, just 2 people and need to ship out several hundred printers in a week.

Also, our couriers are also facing heavy work load after Black Friday and many of them include DHL will have delay.

All orders are still valid! Do worry.

mradi 2017-12-8 20:46 edit

Hi Jason, 

I ordered the printer from Autralia, paid extra for shipping.

 As it said the product was available in store in Australia that day.

The shipping is from Hong Kong. I used DHL worldwide, to Avoid shipping from Hong Kong. 

I believe Australia, DHL would be a little more free compared to Hong Kong DHL for thanksgiving, as you stated. 

I have no hope of receiving this before Chritsmas. 

Will you refund the extra shipping cost,  that you charged me?

You didn't ship it quickly enough either, nor from Australia to Justify the extra shipping cost I paid you. 

Details below. 

Monday, December 04, 2017 Location Time Pieces
1 Shipment information received HONG KONG - HONG KONG 13:13

Waybill: 8xxxxxxxxxxShipment information receivedSign up for shipment notifications Monday, December 04, 2017 at 13:13Origin Service Area:HONG KONG - HONG KONG - HONG KONGDestination Service Area:SOUTH SAN DIEGO, CA - SAN DIEGO - USA

2 Pieces

My Order details here:


Also, the handling of customer respone, is not convinient. Replyin to all customers, should also be accomodated with shipping, to avoid panic. 

You are selling over internet, not being available for days is not good for your image. You might want to hire more people, and think about loosing some money, you know. Maybe just for 2 weeks, when the orders are too many?


After more than a year of developement time, and selling you still do not seem to have people or inventory management in place. 

A simple fix would be to do correct inventory, and not sell more than you have currently. Also, update your website to reflect correct orders. 

The day I ordered there were 57 available in Australia, and I checked yesterday the same thing. China was unavilable as usual. 

EDIT: Not yet shipped 12/8/2017



It would be great to have tracking numbers !

I got mine today, says label was created on 4th december. The package has not reached DHL. 

How did you got it ?

Got updated in the website order history, probably because I made this thread.. 

Screenshot (1).png

Strange I don't have it