No Supports specified but supports are being created

I am intentionally specifying No Support and No Raft in Preferences for a print but supports are being generated anyway. Why? 

Are you using the Mac software? I read elsewhere that there's a bug in the Mac version where the No Support and No Raft toggles do not work. 

They worked on other prints. It's not including a raft but it is including supports.

Yeah for some reason supports will always print if it touches the raft. But will not have support on itself like model to model when support is turned off. I dont think it's a bug, it's just wrong wording on their part.. They shoud have 3 options like in Simplyfy 3D. Supports all over (including on itself mesh to mesh), support only on raft (only supports that touches the raft), and no support anywhere.

Maybe you can set the angle to 90 which technally tell it no support up to 90 degrees. haven't tried it but seem like it will work.

Actually it was creating support on itself even with No Support is checked in the preferences.