NO RAFT option adds extra layers

Hi, when printing with the option 'NO RAFT' the printer still adds 3 extra layers to the model.

also the NO SUPPORT function still prints support.

I am using the Cetus3D software on MacOSX. 

Please let me know what i have to do to remove the RAFT and the SUPPORT 

Not sure about the suport fot the MAC. For the no raft, make sure to puch the auto placement button, this will make usre it's directly ) in teh Z. Also you may need to add nozzle offset to amek sure the nozzle is not too high off the print plate.

I have same issue with "NO RAFT" on Windows 10, but only with flat objects.

Sometime that extra layers can be peeled off like raft.

The support options on the Mac do not work. It's a known issue.