No printer in activation list


I have been using my Cetus 3D for some weeks now without activate it, when I suddenly get stuck with a print number limitation. And in the printer activation list, there is no one printer even when my printer is connected (I am logged in to my tiertime account):

So my question is how to activate my printer now?

Btw the problem is quite annoying as it’s my second printer, and although the warning message was telling me at startup that I needed to activate it to enjoy all features, I was able to access the same features than my previous activated printer. So it’s was an unpleasant surprise when my printer get frozen without a warning message mentioning this print number limitation. @TiertimeTeam a clearer warning message would be welcome :slight_smile:



Hi Matt

Try a different version UP Studio to see if you can activate the printer


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You mean an older version of UP studio ?

OK, I have installed, and it’s working