No connection from UP mini 2 to slicer software UP Studio 2

Hello Tiertime team, hello community members,

My name is Christian Heimerl and I’m new to the Tiertime Forum.

I come from Germany.

Directly from Bavaria near Regensburg.

I have had two UP mini 2 3D printers for 2 months.

For slicing software I downloaded and installed UP Studio 2 and UP Studio 3 from Tiertime.

The two UP minis 2 3D printers are connected to the software in the network with WLAN.

I am having problems connecting the UP mini 2 and the UP Studio 2 slicer software.

I can see the two printers in the UP Studio 2 software, but the box is greyed out.

If the printer were connected to the UPS2 software, there would have to be a green tick.

I can see both printers but cannot activate them.

Can someone help me please.

I appreciate any help.

Greetings Christian

Hello Tiertime team, hello Jason, dear community members,

Can you help me please ?

I would be very grateful for any help.

I would be so happy.

Thanks and Greetings