NEWBIE needs parts - Hi all

Hallo all, I am Toni and I have gained an UP BOX+ that was unwanted and I need your help to get it back into service.

The unit happily powers up and initializes to the glowing green ready status, despite there being no extruder fitted, whilst making an annoying buzzing from the filter housing.

So, obviously the extruder head is missing but there are some other parts that I could use your help in identifying.
It seems that apart from the extruder itself, I need a transition board and ribbon cable so the question is if I need anything else?
Could you suggest what perf. board or flex board I should use?
Looking on ebay I see:

BC1012 Extruder V1 for UP Box+

The only other thing that I can think before I get started is to ask what is the purpose of the UP BOX printable parts?

Thanks for your interest, I am looking forward to playing with my new toy!

Here is a photo of the situation:

You need an extruder head, short extruder ribbon cable, transition board on the extruder mount and its cable to the leveling sensor.

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So that’s it, nothing else missing?

The only other thing that I can think before I get started is to ask what is the purpose of the UP BOX printable parts?

I’ve already used a few of the printable parts. The filament check assembly made my printer work properly as the one supplied with the printer was defective as it had a blob of plastic with too large of holes for sheet metal screws that would fit through the microswitch. I had to bypass the switch to print until I printed the spare part and found that it had proper through holes with places for nuts and I was able to use screws I already had. Also I printed new fan shrouds for both extruders that were stronger than the ones supplied with the printer, one of them already broke. The 1kg filament holder was also better than the one supplied, which broke also.
Tiertime sent me a microswitch with no screws as their way of fixing the problem, but said I had to find my own screws! They wouldn’t even tell me what kind to use. Poor customer service!

Thanks for your advice, any help at this stage is appreciated!

I might be able to help you with the missing parts. I have an used UP Box+ that I am willing to part with.
I have two print heads, ABS and PLA. Plus I have a glass bed on the unit. I have also added the custom cable between the print head and the control board.
I have been having some print issues with it and I am ready to part with it. Make me an offer for the whole thing.
Or if anyone else reads this and is interested in buying it, just contact me and make an offer.

I am very pleased to say that my UPBOX+ works well after fitting the missing parts.
I successfully printed the 1Kg spool holder as my first print!

I would like guidance about the use of UP Flex 250 boards.
The accessory list calls all boards Print Board (Perf board) and there is no explanation in the basic guide.
Their english is more that my chinese so I cann’t complain. :slight_smile:

I personally only use UP Flex 250 sheets (they come in 3’s) on a new Perforated Print board for all printing. Don’t buy the UP Flex 250 print board as the flex cannot be replaced on it due to the type of glue used. The sheets can be replaced easily when damaged if they are on the perf board. I have 2 Perforated Print Boards on which I have stuck the UP Flex 250 sheets on and swap out when necessary. Of course I have to relevel when I do.
Raft printing can be done on a Perf board, but it can only be used for that afterward.

Thank you for your reply but this is all too technical for me at the moment.
The subtleties of using a Perf board and then fitting a plain Flex sheet makes some sense but where would I find an explanation of these fittings?

Of course, I bought the Flex Boards but not the Perforated plate!

I made the mistake of buying the Flex Boards too, but found I couldn’t remove the flex to replace it because of the type of glue used on it. The Flex Sheets stick well to a new Perf Boards and are easily removed when damaged.
The flex sheets are the same size as the printing area on the Perf Boards. I just carefully align the Sheet with the front of the Perf Board and use a dowel or other roller or squeegee to press it down from front to back.
You can use the Flex Boards until they wear out, but get the Flex Sheets and Perforated board for when they do.