New setup and extrusion test

I have my Cetus3D set up and went through the instructions. The extrusion test just sits there. The front light blinks but there is no indication the stepper motor is advancing the pla. It eventually stops and the extrusion option on up3D is highlighted.   I am a novice to 3D printing. i don't know where to go from here.  

Also, is the whole arm just supposed drop when the power is cut? It seems a little harsh. 

I went back to look at the operation and noticed my extruder motor is doing nothing. The filament does not advance at all. 

As far as the falling arm goes, that is to be expected.

The printer is belt driven, while most others are driven by lead screws.

With a belt driven printer, when the stepper motors are not powered, the axle will spin freely. At that point, the belt is basically wrapped around two free spinning bearings.

Then gravity takes over.

Udo made a brilliant little hook you can attach to the Z axis. You can find it here:

In reply to extrusion issues...

You may find you are not waiting long enough...

I had the same issue until I realised the system is programmed in order that the extruder hot end must be at temperature before the extruder motor will operate.

When you use the extrude or retract functions in the software you must wait while the hot end heats up (see top menu bar for temperatures). This will be accompanied by the led on the printer flashing red/blue. When the hot end is at temperature the motor will start to extrude/retract the filament.

The wait is a bit of a chore, but it prevents you from jamming 1.75mm filament through a cold hot end and nozzle with a diameter of 0.2-0.6mm. This could wreck your extruder motor and any number of other extruder parts.

Try it again and wait 5 minutes before doing anything else. Once you see the motor turning gently push in the filament. You just have to be patient...

If this doesn't work check your ribbon plug is inserted correctly...

Still no joy get in touch with the Cetus3d guys. 

Check the temperature at the top of the screen after you click on Extrude. If the temp is not increasing then your issue may be that the hot end isn't heating. For PLA the motor won't move until the temperature is up over 200C. I don't recall the exact temp but it's between 200C and 210C.

Thanks for the advice.  I can honestly say I did not even pay attention to the temperature.  That shows how much I don't know.

whe you send a print, it will beep, the blink, meaning uploading the slices. Then sonce it's done blicking, it will beep again. After the second beep it will start to heat up which takes abuot 1 minute. After it reaches 98% it will beep 2 or 3 times then start the actual print. Hope this helps!

I get no extrusion on the test. The temperature climbs to 217.8 degrees and then starts going back down. The stepper motor does not move and does not extrude any material. Even trying to print a cube the cetus3d makes no movement at all. I need to know how to proceed with support. 

Another thing I need to know is the instructions show the print bed mounting on the plate with two metal ractangles. Mine has a metal piece over that. Am I supposed to remove that?

How do you get in touch with Cetus3D support?

I sent them an email. 

try turning the printer on and then off again at the switch by the plug. I had the same issue seems to be okay now. It extruded the finament out green at frist then gradually came to the normal white that the filament is. seems like just some green lubricant or something. 

good luck