New Nozzle and New Bed = New Problems

Mynlast .4 nozzle died. I decided to buy two of the new type nozzle and a new coated bed. After everything was in place I rand through calibration and lowered the nozzle to just above the bed. With everything calibrated I loaded a simple cube. Press start and my troubles started. The print started in the center of the bed instead of the initial line along the edge of the bed. Then the nozzle hit the bed and scribed some lines in my brand new bed. I stopped, calibrated and tried again. Same results. I adjusted the nozzle a total of five times before it stayed above the bed. I started the print and the head came down and the print took off like a indy 500 race. I have never seen it move that fast. Recap - Nozzle calibration, bed alignment and speed issues. Is there anything that can be done? And I don’t feel the screws are flush on the bed like before.

Did your remember to raise the nozzle 0.5 mm before Set + Confirm ?

I have never done that before.