New here, silicone cap and calibrate problems

Hi i just got a new cetus mk3, and the silicone cap for the nozzle keeps falling off, any tips to make it stick it prints fine without one, but would propperly be better with it.

And how much space from the build platform to the nozzle do i need, i’ve tried with one sheet of regular paper, but it seems to destroy the coating, and if i use 2 it doesn’t always stick.

Hello Zubamse,

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The space should 0.2-0.5, depends on your print setting. If you use raft you can have bigger space, if you use no raft the space need to be smaller in order to get good adhesion to platform. The nozzle height value determine the space, you can do some small test prints, to adjust nozzle height value manually to optimal before going real.

We suggest use raft as it increase print success rate. The coating may have shallow marks after printing, it does not mean they are destroyed, it is quite durable actually.

I use rafts for 90% of my prints, it’s when I print without one because they are small I get layers shifts, sounds like it doesn’t lift the nozzle enough when moving over models when I print multiple, works fine when I print one.

I have zero problems with first layer, it’s halfway in to the print I have issues :frowning:

That pictacular print ran out of pla at the end…

If your rafts are scratching, you may try update the compenation values of the 9 leveling points. for scratching region, reduce the value of compensation.

For the figuring shown in picture, if print multiple item with no support, the nozzle could knock down the print. In UP studio 3, we will add a new option z hop in next version, to reduce the knocking effect.

Your photo looks like overextrusion. If the first layer is overextruded the nozzle may stick on the overheight while moving above the part. then your motor may skip steps which causes layer shifts.

Overextrusion can be causes by oversized filament bigger than 1,75 or wrong extruder step settings in the slizer.

How do i change the settings to fix over extrusion in upstudio?
I’m using the included filament, so it should be fine?

Yeah i fixed that by heating the bed and using 3 layers of paper for leveling.
It is the nozzle that’s hitting the other models, so i just print one at the time.