New Extruder - Cetus MK3

Any idea if it would be possible to install a new extruder like the E3D Hemera without having to switch off of UpStudio. The Cetus extruder just doesn’t work. I’m on my second extruder unit and have bought nearly 10 nozzles stock including the v2 upgrade but the filament always escapes the nozzle and ends up leaking onto the sides and ruining the print. I’m on a Cetus MK3 that is about a year old.

I have a Hemera on my Mk3, but I threw out the stock board and installed a tinyfab board/cpu. In your case, if you’re running the stock board, I think you might have an issue with calibrating/adjusting your e-steps or using gcode after you install a Hemera. Upstudio software might not allow you to do that

I’m running a Copperhead with stock-electronics and using UpStudio to print… no tweaking needed other than adjusting the z-height and the print-temperature when using a more efficient filament extruder. No need to toss the extruder stepper or the heat-block electronics.

I’d perform some general maintenance, there’s very few lock-washers on a stock Cetus, one loose bolt on the heat-block mount will produce the issues you are experiencing. Your nozzle is most likely digging into the last layer printed and depositing the extra melted filament onto the side of the nozzle, which then is randomly deposited on your print as a blob.


Edit: oh geez…just noticed the date on this post… lol