My favorite thing about up printers is how easy it is to peel

PLA fail.

If possible, share STL file so we can try and provide suitable print settings.

Kobayashi_Fidget_Cube-v1.1.stl (720.0 KB)

Have been using up studio 2.6 (?) as 3 beta has been freezing mid print consistently, as we have been discussing. I did replace the LCD unit with the new part you guys were kind enough to send me. And I jsut tried the new 3.0.17 version to see if this sorted it. Same issue. I have also reset to default and formatted the memory card as well as tried a new memory card. Same results so far. The slicing and printing is superior to studio 2.6, but not if it doesn’t complete.

Which machine are you using?

I am using the Mini 2 es

You could try print PLA with the top lid open and direct the cooling to nozzle by open the vent on the extruder.



I think the answer is don’t print silk PLA on this machine.