My Cetus experience so far?

Plastic nozzle shroud damaged upon delivery. Super glued it back and asked support for 3d print file to replicate it. No reply.

If power in house trips due to earth leakage device and in the middle of a print, the printhead drops abruptly and glues itself to the  model. Tried to rescue the nozzle but it became all jammed up with filament. Asked support if I can purchase another one? No answer!

Asked support if they will ever have spare parts for sale? No answer. If that's the case, might as well try and flog Cetus off on ebay, and put the whole kickstarter idea down to being a "bad idea".

Cut them some slack. We're still in the middle of the Chinese New Year festival which runs through Feb 3 I believe. 

Even so, they replied to me via email the other day when I inquired to the email address about extra build plates. Here is their response:


Don't worry, they will be available soon on our website.

Best regards,

Cetus3D Team 

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Other than the information about being available soon, I thought the 'Sent from my iPhone' was interesting, as it tells me the person who responded to my email was not in the office and wrote back to me in their free time. The Cetus folk have also been fairly active on social media during the festival. 

Regarding power failure, yes, currently if you lose power the z-axis will fall, but there are solutions. The simplest one is just to plug in your Cetus to a UPS/Battery backup. Beyond that there are Cetus users here that are actively brainstorming solutions and I'm sure Cetus is trying to think of a solution as well. 

Having backed another 3D printer on kickstarter that I'm still waiting for 2 years later, and just reading about another complete failure (xmachines) and 2 years later people aren't getting printers, I guarantee you that in a few more days once your issues are resolved you will definitely not consider backing the Cetus to be a 'bad idea'. The quality of the Cetus is really outstanding. 

Good luck with your nozzle situation, if it is standard PLA in there you should be able to heat it back up and clear the jam. 

Soon after posting, I received a reply from Support. Nozzles are USD$12, and they have sent me a paypal invoice to complete.

Since posting though, I have persevered. I removed the nozzle and seperated the 20mm long insulator section behind the nozzle. This was blocked with molten filament, so I drilled it out. Then I placed the brass nozzle in an oven until the remaining filament softened and cleared a bit more out. I'll reassemble and try it tomorrow.

I have received a bunch of mails already from peole asking for the spare part files as I got them a while ago. I have now uploaded all files to Dropbox, you can download it here:

[quote][size=2][color=#999999]UP_3DWP post at 2017-2-3 12:58[/color][/size]
I have received a bunch of mails already from peole asking for the spare part files as I got them a …[/quote]

hmm - thes fan duct you have in this file is a old version - wont fit on the actual printhead :)