My Cetus enclosure

Still with some prelimary parts (printer still prints on it's own housing), but already fully functional with inner lamps, HEPA (14) and activated carbon filtered air.


Sweet! :D

This is almost exactly what I'm planning to build. Acrylic enclosure with corner fixtures, and, for ventillation, a 120 or 140mm Noctua fan running the air through carbon and HEPA filters.

Nice Job! It looks good! :D

That looks great! Do you have any details about the parts you used and mount for your filter? Is the suction from the fan enough to not need a bottom enclosure?

The filter box is from another design I haven't released now (would require some modifications before). Everything except the filters (of course) is just part of my design and 3D printed. The HEPA H14 filter is from a Nilfisk vaccum cleaner wich is available on Amazon for 13 Euros.

Enclosing the printer completely is not a good idea! The Cetus extruder does not like higher ambient temps (will stop extruding) and a completely enclosed printer will heat up such an enclosure quick (even quicker if the heated bed is used). Higher chamber temps would need a modification of the extruder (much more cooling of the cold end).

Another point you mentioned: The suction. No I think the suction with the first fan was not enough, switched to a much stronger fan now. And if there is so much  suction needed (wich I think it is), how could this work with a completely enclosed printer? That's why the bottom is open (creates a chimney style air vent with the filter box). Another point is the easy access to the printer (the new design has a magnetic front that can be detached and the printer pulled out).

I will finally test the filter box with special smoke/powder visually (don't have a particle tester :-)

Right now there is zero smell in the room, only a bit noticeable with the nose directly above the fan. 

New design version:

Nice work!